Hi Everyone, and welcome to my blog.

Who is Poking Holes?

I am a certified teacher in Canada, with an expertise in curriculum development. I have a broad range of interests, but I am especially passionate about Mathematics and Science.

More recently, I have developed a keen interest in Developmental Psychology and the effects of childhood trauma on the developing brain.

I have a burning desire to learn all that I can about CPTSD Recovery, so that I can impart that knowledge onto the world in my own unique way. The main purpose being to help fellow survivors of narcissistic abuse to recover from CPTSD.

A little bit more about me….

I am a wife of 8 years, a mother of 2 boys (one is grown), and a fur-baby momma to one dog and 3 cats. We are planning to get a couple of hamsters soon too! 🙂

I love doing all kinds of crafts, but my current love is crochet. I also love to sew, and needle felt.

I am a tree hugger, animal lover, and advocate for Mother Earth.

I am a big coffee lover, but sometimes I wonder if I just keep drinking it hoping it will make me feel more awake..lol. Come on coffee! One more cup! 😉

I recently discovered that I am the daughter of a narcissistic mother. I have been no-contact with my mother for over one year.

My Youtube Channel

My Youtube channel is where I will sometimes combine ASMR format with the sharing of my story.

I am working on a series of videos that focuses on Recovery from CPTSD. Episodes 1 & 2 are available to watch on my Youtube Channel.

The name of my youtube channel is meant to have a double meaning. I am poking holes physically as I crochet, but also figuratively, as in I’m poking holes into the stories I was taught to believe about my family, and discovering the real truth.

Crochet became a form of meditation for me to get me through some of my darkest moments. I hope you find it relaxing.

For now, I have chosen to remain anonymous. In future, I can see getting in front of the camera as I get more comfortable and feel less paranoid about retribution from my narcissistic mother and her flying monkeys.

Donations Welcome

I am open to taking donations to aid me in my recovery, as I am currently (going on 2 years now) unable to work outside the home in my profession of choice due to the many health issues associated with CPTSD. This has been very troubling for me, as I am not able to perform to my usual standards. I even had to drop out of my Masters program with just a final assignment and one more course to complete it. I couldn’t concentrate enough to do the research in the time required. This channel and my blog are part of my recovery process. If you wish to donate please click the Paypal link below. Thank you!


~Poking Holes~



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